Monday, September 12, 2011

Artichoke cover up tattoo

Today I'm going to share some photos from an interesting and fun cover up that we finished a few months ago. I'll show you the finished product now, then show some start to finish images detailing the process.

Rosalind came to me with the idea of using an artichoke cut in half as a cover up for her tattoo, and showed me a few example pictures that she liked. She emailed me a picture of her tattoo, and it then just played around with it a bit in photoshop using the image of the artichoke in a separate layer, and making it slightly translucent to help me get a better grasp of how it will work as a cover up. Also, I sent the mock up over to Rosalind to see what she thought and she seemed to really like it, so we continued forward.

We decided the best way to do it would be for us to go out and find some nice artichokes and have an artichoke photoshoot. So we did, and had a pretty great time of it too. Each of us took a bunch of shots, then I found one that I thought would work the best as a tattoo, and a few weeks later we got the first session done.

With just the stencil on:

After starting, ~1 hr:

And just after finishing the first session:

This whole process start to finish was I think about 2 months or so, then another month until the 2nd session, when it was finished. This finished image was taken about 2 or 3 months after that second session. We are both really happy with it!

Here it is one more time:

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